Modern Ideas for Vertical Garden

By: Samar Yahya

Nowadays, it has become easy to have your own vertical garden at home. You can add it to your kitchen and enjoy the fresh herbs whenever you need, or add a colourful look to the living room and enjoy the freshness of flowers.

Ideas for Vertical Garden in Kitchen

Clay Pot Vertical Garden

It is a great way to be added to any wall in the kitchen no matter its space, use the pots to plant herbs that you usually need.

Tray Vertical Garden

The tray style vertical garden is divided into planting cells, allowing you to plant as many herbs next to each other as you can. It will save even more space of your kitchen wall.

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Use a pipe or a bar to hang pots of the herbs. In this way you distribute pots in different spots within your kitchen.

Ideas for Vertical Garden in Living Room

A stand-alone Wall

Use the vertical garden as a partition in the living room, to dedicate a space for watching TV and another for the work place. It would accommodate different types and colours of flowers and add a healthy yet decorative look to the living room.

Leather and Wood Trellis

It is a perfect way to decorate the classic living room? With this wall garden, you will have the option to include several different types of plants.

Hanging Garden

The ideal option for small living room, use the window to fix these hanging pots inside the living room. It would add up to the scenery with a touch of freshness.

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