Italian Tiramisu The Taste of Happiness and Joy

Translation: Samar Yahya

If you have not tried the current Italian flavor, just go and buy Tiramisu; the most famous dessert which many restaurants are keen to serve.

What does Tiramisu mean in Italian?

“Pick me up”, the meaning is always attributed to joy and happiness, which is made by the sugar and cocoa in addition to coffee as one of its main ingredients.

The History of Tiramisu

Though, the exact date and to whom it was first served is not known, yet most accounts of the origin of Tiramisu go back to 1960s in the region of Veneto, Italy in “Le Beccherie” restaurant in Treviso. The dish is claimed to have been first created by a confectioner named Roberto Linguanotto.

How is Tiramisu Made?

Traditional Tiramisu main ingredient is lady fingers biscuits dipped in espresso coffee, then assembled in a pot, adding a mixture of egg yolk, mascarpone cheese, sugar and vanilla; ending with a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top. A piece of Tiramisu would have 301 calories.

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