Swedish Exercises for Health and Fitness

Translation: Samar Yahya

Benefits of the Swedish Exercises are not limited to having a willowy body, yet to maintain healthy and attractive body as well.

There are lots of sports for weight loss and fat burning, but in some cases they are not suitable for everyone and should be practised under professional coach, unlike the Swedish exercises that would be practised at home.

Swedish exercises are named after the Swedish footballer and coach Nils Liedholm, who contributed to improve fitness of players when he transferred the athletes’ exercises to football and other sports.

Benefits of Swedish Exercises:

• Increase the body functional fitness.

• Help in burning fats and losing weight.

• Reduce cholesterol levels, heart disease and stroke.

• Effective for people complaining of insomnia and sleeplessness.

• Relieve back pain, strengthen the torso and spine.

• Strengthen skeleton, reduces osteoporosis, elevates and brace brain efficiency, leading to improved mental activity.

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