Summer Sandals for Your Comfort

By: Samar Yahya

Summer Sandals are essential in every summer fashion.

With the high temperature of summer months, every woman prefers to free her toes and wear summer sandals.

There are always different styles of sandals and each styles pairs with the style of costume. This summer the top trendy styles are the leather sandals, flat sandals, diamond sandals and golden sandals.

Leather Sandals

They are very practical and would match the formal look and so accepted at work especially if they have high or medium heels.

Flat Sandals

They are light and comfortable and suit the casual look and would be suitable for daytime and evening outings. You can find an array of materials like leather and chamois with variety of models some with embroideries.

Diamond Sandals

Are very chic at night and would replace the high heels at night parties, weddings, gatherings or dinners.

Golden Sandals

They have unique style and their models are always inspired from the Greek culture. They are perfect for the afternoon and would go with formal or semi-casual costume.

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