Brooch..The Never Fading Accessory

By: Samar Yahya

Brooch is an excellent fashion decorative accessory that adds final touch to complete your look.

Brooches are traditionally worn on clothes such as jackets, shirts, dresses and sweaters and it is important to make the right choice of Brooch to match your costume.

The main idea of Brooch in old days was to hold clothing together, then it developed to become one of the main accessories that women wear in different times and in many ways.

Brooches come in different designs and mostly are made from crystals, stones, gems and pearls.

The value of a Brooch does not lean only on the expensive material or stone used; yet the design is always the main player in its look.

How to Wear A Brooch:

The styling possibilities of Brooches are pretty much up to your personal style, if you prefer to be casual, formal or smart casual.

On the shirt

One of the ways of wearing a Brooch is to pin it onto the shirt. This way is very easy to wear a Brooch, yet it adds to your look and it will be always visible.

On the Collar

Another way of wearing a Brooch is pinning it to the collar. This is also one of the most feminine and classic sophisticated ways of handling a Brooch. It is one of the best ways to wear a Brooch if you are a workingwoman.

Hold the Scarf

If you were fond of wearing neck scarves in different occasions, a Brooch would be suitable for you as a university student and a working executive as well.

On the Blazer Lapels

Blazers are strongly back to fashion, what else would put in uniqueness to your classic look than a Brooch! Brooches on the blazer lapels reflect how fashionable you are in formal costume.

Presently, we can see brooches in catways of global fashion shows presented in diversely and uniquely modern ways.

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