Tips for Hand and Foot Care During Summer

Translation: Samar Yahya

Sandals, light and bright colours of nail polish are the most vital fashion trends in summer, which requires special care to hands and feet, to always look healthy and clean. Beauty expert Rasha Adnan advises us for ideal care of hands and feet during the summer.

– During the day, use combined hands moisturizing cream after washing your hands.

– Make sure that the cream contains deep moisturizers such as almond oil or vitamin A.

– Before bedtime, apply intensive moisturizers such as shea butter, and it would be better if you wear cotton gloves.

– Use homemade scrub made of sugar, almond oil, glycerin and drops of lemon, once to twice a week.

– Do not remove the cuticle, doing so makes it harder every time, but use daily special solution for it; to moisten and protect our hands.

– At the end of your daily bath, rub your heels then add moisturizing cream and wear cotton socks.

– Once a week, use hand and foot masks, in the form of gloves and socks that contain nutrients and moisturizers.

– The sun affects our hands and feet, so use lotions that contain sunscreen to protect your hands and feet.

– Avoid metal nail file and always use the wooden one.

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