Identify The Appropriate Weights for Yoursel

Translation: Samar Yahya

Do you know how to use the appropriate weights when you are exercising! It is based on your goal, whether you want to be tighten the body or enlarge the size of a certain muscle.

So, here we provide you with the appropriate weights for each purpose:

• If you want to tighten your body, just choose a calf weight of 1-3 kilos at a frequency of 10-18 times in groups ranging from 2-3.

• If your aim is to enlarge your muscle mass you should choose heavy weights from 10 kilos to the maximum weight you can carry; at a frequency of 6-10 in groups ranging from 4-5.

Why is it important to determine the right weights?

Choosing weights is essential as it helps speeding up the results and deciding the type of results obtained. It also determines our achievements on the long run. To find out the right weights for you, you carry weights within the range of 55% to 85% of the heaviest weight you can hold.

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