Your Watch is More Than an Accessory

By: Samar Yahya

A Watch is an essential accessory that every woman puts on in the morning, daytime and at evening outings, a watch is more than an accessory. We put on watches everyday whether at home or outside. People choices of their watches always reflect their personalities.

Watches’ styles range between Traditional or Classical, Trendy or Stylish and Practical or Sportive. Watch brands compete to come up with unique designs and functions for the watches.

Experts say that your watch reflects part of your personality, so we will review the main trends of watches that always range between:

Classic and Traditional

If you are always fond of the classic look in your costume, and accessories, so your watch would be of the classic style, where you can find almost in each and every brand

Trendy and Stylish

You can put on an up to date watch, so, it’s likely that you will be seen as a bit trendy. With the right watch on your wrist, it is quite easy to create and maintain your desired stylish look.

Practical and Sportive

If you are practical and like the sportive or casual style, you will find many practical, attractive, luxury watches that indicate practicality. There are also renowned exceptionally durable brands that have the designs you are looking for that match your style.

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