Innovative Ideas for End and Side tables

By: Samar Yahya

End tables and side tables are there in all our homes. They are small, handy and often overlooked, the end table can add a point of interest or finishing touch to your living room’s interior.

On the end table, you can place, your mobile, a book that you are reading or you can rest your tea or coffee cup on it.

End table also adds to the décor of your room. You can say that end table in décor is as spices in your food.

The side table is always there next to your bed, very practical and helpful, yet adding to the interior of the bedroom. It offers extra storage and decorations, it also gives you a space to put your books, drinks or lamp.

If you want give your house a functional and stylish look, you can scatter side tables here and there. Here are different ideas that will fulfill your needs.

Make sure to choose end tables that match the style of your interior whether it is modern, contemporary or classic.

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