Give Your Home a Ramadan Ambiance

By: Samar Yahya

Every now and then we need to change our home décor, to avoid feeling bored and to create an interesting ambiance.

With the Holy month of Ramadan, we all like to add the oriental touch to our homes.

Today we have simple tips to decorate your home and a give it Ramadan ambiance.

* For dining table use tablecloth with Arabic calligraphy or special oriental traditional designs inspired from Fatimid time.

* Use special dining set with the same designs of the tablecloth.

* Do not forget to put at least one Fanous at one of the home corners and a small one as a centerpiece at your dining table.

* Boxes with seashells are also preferred at side tables.

* Do not forget the coloured bulb on the windows.

* Hang coloured plates with oriental designs to the walls.

* Use the same the oriental theme for side tables’ cloth.

* For living room and bedroom oriental design throw pillows are another addition.

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