Tips to Decorate Ramadan Iftar Table

By: Samar Yahya

The Holy month of Ramadan has its special theme and atmosphere. Ramadan always has its festive time around the world, people keep celebrating and decorating houses to receive the Holy Month. It is the most wonderful time of the year and every one of us prepare for Ramadan a while before it comes.

Ramadan Iftar is a main occasion for family gatherings; special dishes are prepared and served during Ramadan. We always pay a great attention to brighten and decorate our homes in Ramadan. Dining tables also have their special decorations in Ramadan. Silver coffee sets, special designs for tablecloth, plates, cups, accessories and lanterns.

Adding little touches of Ramadan inspired decor makes a big difference to our homes. Have a look at our following suggestions to decorate your dining tables and change the place into beautiful, yet festive Ramadan atmosphere.

Decorating ideas for the holy month of Ramadan can be done with simple steps to renew your home in general and the dining tables in particular.

Inspiration for traditional Ramadan decoration starts with choosing theme to match Ramadan theme as well as your home design. Suggested colours of decoration would be red and orange with silver or gold. Traditional Ramadan Decorating is clued with Fanous which is always sitting on our tables in the corners of the home and the dining tables.

– Use special coffee set dates bowl for Ramadan, silvers sets are most preferred adding a special touch and creating old days atmosphere.

– Tea set is always a glass one that has special designs by the cup edge mainly in golden colour.

– Tablecloth is themed with diverse colours and designs inspired from Fatimid’s time.

– Serving trays are either silver or have the same designs of the tablecloth.

– Use different dining set with colours and special designs for Ramadan and create a beautiful Iftar dining table.

– Side decorations, can also be made such as Ramadan paper Fanous, moons and stars on the walls and other Ramadan decorations.

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