How to Get Rid of Fats In the Back

Translation: Samar Yahya

Fats of the back negatively affect the slim appearance of a woman and leave her with a chubby look more than her actual weight and look. The fats of the back often affect women’s self confidence; as all women eager to know how to get rid of back fat with exercises, however let’s know first the reasons of the fats of the back.

Reasons of increased fats of the back might be attributed to wearing the wrong bra, or incorrect daily activities, and therefore we must stop these habits immediately to get tight and straight back.

Back Fat Loss Exercises:

Lifting Exercise:

Many athletes, such as swimmers and self-defense fighters practise this exercise, as it strengthens the whole upper body, especially the back. It is practiced with an iron bar installed on the wall or hanging from the ceiling, hold it tightly, pull up as far as possible, then slowly down. It should be repeated five to ten times per session.

Weight Lifting:

Weight lifting increases body resistance and accelerates burning fats and exercises upper back muscles. Place one of the knees on a seat and bend forward, hold the dumbbell, return back, then forward, repeat this exercise twelve times for each side.


This exercise strengthens the entire back muscles, as well as the lower part of the body. Lie down on the abdomen; lift the head, back and chest upward and use hand paddling. Or lift the back and the head a little, extend hands along the body or forward, exercise for 15 times per session.

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