The Saudi and Emirati Abaya Styles

Translation: Samar Yahya

Maysoon Al-Idrisi a fashion designer who focused on designing Abaya to express the femininity of the Gulf women in soft and elegant style.

Al-Idrisi Abaya is designed in modern style that is completely different from the traditional ones suits all occasions and all styles.

Al-Idrisi said “I own an institution that is specialized in designing Abaya. The idea of the Abaya designs came first as a trade through my visit to the Gulf markets in UAE and Bahrain.

I used to buy the distinguished models and sell them in Jeddah. Later, I developed the idea of trade and went to special designs after I had an initial experience in modifying some readymade models and by adding distinguished touches to Abaya.”

She added: “I make my Abaya of innovative designs in factories in Dubai, so that I can get excellent fabrics and professional sewing. Nevertheless, I purchase all the materials and fabrics myself; I use Indian fabrics, accessories and various pieces of beads, crystal, pearls and others.

On choosing Dubai rather than other Gulf countries, Al-Idrisi explained that UAE is the closest to Saudi women who have similarity in style and enjoy wearing Emirati Abaya, which I personally admire. Additionally, Dubai has large and diverse markets for Abaya compared to others”.

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