Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Translation: Samar Yahya

Workout exercises during pregnancy has many benefits; it increases muscle strength and endurance, in addition, it helps thin and athlete women to adapt to pregnancy effortlessly, compared to others who are not fit.

Today, we have a number of easy workouts and their benefits during pregnancy to help women exercise regularly.

Importance of Exercises

The recommended exercises during pregnancy are the ones that activate the heart, and keep the flexibility of the body with no physical load on mother or fetus. Jogging at early pregnancy is of no problem, however she might need to alter the kind of workouts with the advancement of pregnancy.

Other exercises that might cause slipping or falling such as cycling, horse riding or skiing should be avoided. Yet, many professional athletes can continue to practise a number of exercises during their pregnancy.

Consult Your Doctor

The following are safe exercises for pregnant women and recommended by health professionals, yet some may not work for you during the last few months of pregnancy. To stay safe, consult your doctor prior to practice.

Best Exercises

Many women suffer gaining weight after delivery and find it difficult to lose these extra kilos. Some exercises may help to relax and breathe during labor, and also to maintain weight after delivery, the most important are:


Maintains your fitness without hurting your knees or ankles. Speed walking exercises your heart, walking in general is safe throughout your pregnancy and you can exercise it daily.


The fastest and most effective way to exercise body and heart is jogging; you can start with 15 minutes and increase it to reach 30 minutes whenever you have time.


One of the best and safest type of exercise you can practise during pregnancy; it exercises a number of muscles (arms and legs) and beneficial for heart and lungs. With the advancement of pregnancy and the larger tummy, you would enjoy more the feeling of weightlessness in water.

Yoga and Stretching Exercises

Yoga and stretching exercises help maintain muscle strength and cohesion, and body flexibility with mild pressure on joints compared to other types of hard exercise.


Pilates exercises are based on a range of stomach and pelvic movements called the “core”. It is also helpful to balance breathing while exercising, and to achieve relaxation. Pilates may help you during and after pregnancy; it targets muscles that may be weakened during pregnancy, in a way that relieves stress rather than loading to it.

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