Latest Furniture Colours for 2018 Summer

By: Samar Yahya

Summer season is the most suitable for families looking to change home furniture. Interior designers always work to come out with new ideas.

For this summer, and as majority of us are in favor of modern furnishings, bright colours come to add cool look to the place. Maroon, Turquoise, Yellow and Lime Green are the most recommended colours.

As bright colours are usually associated with summer, today, we review some ideas to help you choose the colour of furniture especially the living room where we mainly spend our time.


Maroon is a distinctive colour that draws the attention of visitors, and décor experts recommend using it for some pieces of accessories to add a different touch, especially if the furniture and home decoration are based on neutral colours.

It can also be used in a full sofa or in armchairs or club chairs for cheerful atmosphere.


Majority of us agree that using blue in furnishings is usually the best choice, and turquoise usually adds a quiet feel and is very suitable for the summer ambience and houses by the sea.

It can also be blended with green, reflecting the spirit of nature on the spot.


The yellow colour gives the house a particularly bright view with a reflection of sunlight on the walls and even with night lighting.

You can use it as a main colour or to add touches of colour to your furniture such as lining cushions in the living room, or placing large-sized sunflowers in vases as a nice way to decorate your home.

Lime Green

If you want to use a little calm and relaxing colour, choose lime green, it is a very comfortable colour for the eye, and has a nice light-coloured look. It can also be used in chaise longue in the living room.

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