Accessories What to wear and When!

By: Samar Yahya

When buying accessories, you have to think about what is appropriate for your personality, is the design and shape is suitable for the purpose and the price of it does it go with your budget?

Accessories designer and expert Nahla Nour El Din told us about how to choose accessories:

– Morning accessories should always be simple with no exaggeration in shape, size or colors.

– If you go to work, your accessories should also be simple. A simple chain or thin necklace with a simple earring and bracelet would be suggested. Stay away from big accessories or that make sounds as you move through the workplace.

– Going out for dinner or so has its special accessories; it would be eye-catching, suitable for the evening as possible. Diamond, gems, or precious stones are favored. Pearls are also recommended as they are fitting for all occasions and costume.

– If you are the host for a home dinner and you would be busy welcoming and gusts, it is preferred to wear simple accessories to feel comfortable with your guests.

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