BOOT CAMP High Fitness Exercises

Translation: Samar Yahya

If you want to develop your fitness in a short time, you must practice the high fitness exercises or military exercises ‘BOOT CAMP’, the combination of the exercises never lets you bored or frustrated, however it achieves the main goal of burning fats and increasing fitness and strength.

Driven From The US Army

‘BOOT CAMP’ is an exercise for the muscles and respiratory system. It includes swimming, cycling, jogging and mountaineering. The word ‘Boot Camp’ is derived from US Army exercises, which are done in open camps with simplest requirements, no equipments, and are divided into 3 levels.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits that any trainee can get of these exercises:

– Increase fitness and strength.

– Improve aerobic endurance and body coordination.

– Promote self-confidence, change lifestyle and promote long-term health.

– Reduce the rate of heart disease and diabetes.

– Fight osteoporosis.

– Burn calories, and maintain fitness.

High Strength Training

‘BOOT CAMP’ exercises include high-density exercises associated with weight loss and body strength. Girls and ladies can also exercise with a personal trainer at specialized gymnasiums for a certain period of time. It usually includes weight lifting and keeping in mind the importance of healthy food.

‘BOOT CAMP’ aims to increase physical and mental strength, improve general health and cardiovascular functions. It promotes social communication, group effort and improves the pace of discipline. Due to its ideal outcome, ‘BOOT CAMP’ program is widely practised for weight loss.

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