For Ideal Make up.. Prepare Your Complexion First

Translation: Samar Yahya

Every female seeks to get perfect makeup, however many do not know that preparing your complexion is essential to get the perfect makeup; since healthy complexion will not need layers of foundation or anti-blemish.

Today, we chose some solutions available in our markets to prepare complexion for a perfect makeup:

MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

Cleansing, peeling and nourishing mask containing medium-coarse ash, makes the complexion soft, gives a sense of cleanliness, and prepares complexion for a bright and harmonious makeup.

SOS Masks from CLARINS

Three masks each sorts out a complexion problem such as dryness, pores and fatigued complexion. Use the mask on complexion for 10 minutes, remove the excess with a cotton, now your complexion is ready for makeup.

Skin Booster from Make Up For Ever

Use drops of the lotion on complexion before applying makeup; it moisturizes and prepares the complexion, as if you put a new layer of complexion soft and springy, it is one of the best cosmetics that is admired by famous makeup artists in the world.

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado from KIEHL’s

A moisturizer that made a buzz among makeup artists and bloggers, it was basically an eye treatment moisturizer, but some makeup artists apply it to the entire face, especially to dry complexion. It moisturizes in a charming way, leaves you with moist and shiny makeup along with soft and smooth complexion.

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