Common Sage Meramya

By: Samar Yahya

Sage or Common Sage (in Arabic Meramya) has been known since old times. It is an evergreen plant, with grey leaves and blue to purple flowers.

Sage is famous in all countries and has been known for its great use in medicine since ancient times. Due to its pure green color and the shape of the needle leaves, it has been used recently as a kind of ornamental plants in gardens or at houses’ entrances.

Usage and benefits

-Sage can be used to treat stomach pain, colic, and reduce diarrhea and vomiting.

-It protects against flu and relieves cough.

-Reduces asthma and allergies.

-Relieves insomnia and help calm nerves and sleep quickly.

– Promotes blood circulation, prevents clots, and hardens arteries.

-Sage is very useful for people with anemia as it helps stimulate appetite.

-Treats gum pain and keeps its natural pink color.

-It works to strengthen the immune system.

-Protects against cancer, as it kills cancer cells.

-Prevents from Alzheimer›s disease and it strengthens memory.

-Diabetic patients are advised to drink sage tea as it reduces blood sugar.

Sage Tea

Boil a cup of water; add Sage leaves and sugar to taste. Leave it to warm then drink and enjoy the benefits of Sage tea.

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