Get ‘Stars Eyelashes’ with little trick

Translation: Samar Yahya

Recently, many girls have been using False Eyelashes, daily and no matter what the occasions are, to the extent that they can use false Eyelashes even with morning makeup.

Makeup expert Samia Muhammed pointed out that False Eyelashes should not be used daily. You have to avoid using «Eyelashes glue» that would negatively affect your natural Eyelashes ending up with falling Eyelashes. You should be careful and use them occasionally or replace them by False Eyelashes with magnets; which do not need glue.

Muhammad advises for «Stars’ Eyelashes»: – First, use the Eyelash curler to curl your Eyelashes up and give wideness to your eyes.

– Apply a layer of Eyelash primer to give thickness to the eyelashes.

– Leave the primer for several minutes until it becomes semi-dry, then use an intensive and slightly stiff mascara with plastic bristles; so you can separate your lashes and you can neatly comb them, put one or two layers until you reach the desired result.

– In case want to increase the length of your Eyelashes, use mascara that makes your Eyelashes longer, and use it from the middle of the Eyelashes upward.

– By following the previous steps you will get a great result, and please remember to clean your lashes well before bed, and use of nourishing lashes products to maintain the health of your lashes

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