Bread Saudis’ Way to Stimulate Appetite

Translation: Samar Yahya

What is nicer than the smell of ‘Bread’ that can tickle your stomach to alert hunger, even when you feel full? It is bread (in Arabc Khobz or Aaish), as it is called in Saudi cities and some parts of the East African countries.

Bread, which is the most widespread in the world because of the low price of wheat flour and which is known since the beginning of mankind; remains the common food for everyone; the poor and the rich.

While the kinds of bread are countless; some of them are expensive; depending on the origin of each one, however bread remains the most widely spread among all segments of society.

In Saudi Arabia, the most common is the ‘The flat Bread’ made of whole-wheat flour with some black seeds on top of it for additional flavor and more health benefits.

While Saudis are accustomed to having this kind of bread with their meals, another kind is ‘Samouli’ bread which is made of white or whole wheat and has many other shapes. Also, the French La Baguette that Saudis added it to the ‘Samouli’ bread family.

Moreover, ‘Tamis’ which sparkled a quarrel between the Yemenis and Afghans; about its origin; is one of the main kinds of bread in Saudi houses always accompanied with a dish of fava beans at breakfast and dinner.

Furthermore, Saudis added their touch to turn ‘Tamis’ into a type of sandwich with some cheddar cheese inside it for a complete full cream meal, trusting Saudis geared up for the day

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