The Art of Wallpaper

By: Samar Yahya

Wallpaper has been used in décor for long decades passing stages of development in materials, colours and designs. Though, sometimes people go for other modern or classic decoration or wall painting, yet wallpaper has always been in the master scene of décor.

Nowadays, wallpaper is at its peak in décor whether by its exceptional designs, extraordinary materials and colours.

The art of using wallpaper is always associated with the over all style where it is used. At home each room would have its distinctive elegance that would suit specific designs, colours and materials of wallpaper.

Here are some tips for choosing wallpaper:

•Horizontal stripes widen a room and make the ceiling look shorter.

•Vertical stripes add volume to a room and make the ceiling appear higher.

• Wallpaper with a light background will make a room seem larger, a darker wallpaper will make a room appear smaller.

Wallpaper Materials

•Vinyl wallpaper is the most common wallpaper available and is the easiest to hang and clean.

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