Back Training for Striking Look

Translation: Samar Yahya

Sometimes many beginners miss training their back, which is the weakest part of the body. Yet, to get a fit and robust shape, the muscles of the back seem to be a key player to reach that shape.

Trainers identified muscles of the back as the upper, the lower, the lateral muscles and finally the central muscles. Here are some exercises that would help strengthen your back.

• Exercise 1

Sit with a straight back, tighten the cable to the navel and do not to bend with the cable at its extension.

• Exercise 2

To benefit this exercise, all you have to do is take down the bar, do not bend with it or go back with a straight back.

• Exercise 3

The back should be straight, so as not to cause any damage to it; as shown in the picture; it is possible to get better results done while on a chair.

• Exercise 4

Your back should be straight, not bending and when you take the bar down, you should bend your knees slightly until you target the lower back muscle.

• Exercise 5

It targets the upper muscles of the back, just make sure you do it the right way, as shown in the picture.

• Exercise 6

This exercise targets all the back muscles, especially the lateral; and to do it maintain the position of straightness of the back.

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