Translation: Samar Yahya

Yoga has been one of the oldest physical exercises practiced by man 5,000 years ago. Its basic rules have not changed over time. Recently, Yoga has become more popular among different groups and ages all over the world. It is a physical sport with mental and spiritual approaches.

The Sport of Body and Mind

Yoga history extends to ancient origins in Indian philosophy, which combine the techniques of breathing, relaxation, meditation and physical movements.

Its popularity is attributed to being a form of physical exercise that relies on certain physical states to improve control of mind and body to reach comfort. It aims to alleviate strength and physical flexibility and maintain a positive balance.

Types of Yoga

Yoga includes 100 different types:

– Hatha Yoga, the most common type of yoga, which means «monotheism» or «union»; it is a physical pattern that includes all the basic movements of Yoga and breathing.

– Yin Yoga; a meditative and regenerative style of Yoga, performed for 3 to 7 minutes maximum, is done in the sitting position or lying down on the abdomen or back while breathing to relax connective

tissue of the body. It is suitable for new yoga trainees, as it helps to build flexibility and eliminate tension.

– Ashtanga Yoga is called the power Yoga, because it focuses on powerful movements such as; pressure that requires strength and endurance. It is suitable for people seeking to rehabilitate back injuries, athletes such as runners and cyclists, who wish to increase their flexibility and balance.

– Bikram Yoga, or Hot Yoga; as it is practiced in a very warm room and is a suitable way to increase flexibility; since heat helps to extend the tissues, yet it is not suitable for people with cardiovascular disease due to the stress caused to body while exercising vigorously in a hot environment.

Conditions of practice

Some of the most important conditions for anyone who practices Yoga are:

– Train yourself to be calm, isolate yourself from others and the surrounding environment.

– Not to be violent or practice violence.

– To have inner clearness, bears no grudges to others; so one can handle himself from the pressures.

– Food moderation. Yoga does not impose a strict diet, but it requires balanced healthy diet.

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