Rehla; A Look into Life

By: Samar Yahya

Participated in ‘Tasmeem’ Fair, the first initiative in Saudi Arabia for interior designers by the Saudi Art Council, Jawaher Al Moarawi ‘Rehla’, in English (Journey).

Jawaher chose the corridor, as it is always the narrowest space. She believes that the corridor represents life, which is a journey where we pass numerous experiences.

The structure of the corridor was designed to look different from each angle, exactly like our points of view towards life. Every one of us judges it out from his experience.

Jawaher is an interior architect who provides full interior solutions for every lifestyle.. She believes in the complexity of simple spaces and has a passion for space planning.

To her, life is made of day-to-day experiences and human interactions and the aim is to live life moment-by-moment, piece by piece and enjoy the ride. Live it to your fullest potential, find joy in all of it.

Jawaher is the owner of Grid Design with the aim to integrate beauty with a functional space to create welcoming, nurturing, livable unique interiors.

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